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Capturing Your New Beginnings



"By far the best videographer! Andrew Smith is amazing! Very professional, on time, affordable! He definitely exceeded my husband and I expectations the quality of his work is phenomenal! My heart melts every time I look at our wedding video! Truly can’t thank him enough for capturing such a special moment! Definitely will be using his services again in the near future!" - Bree

Wedding Reel

Wedding Videography is an important addition to your big day. We aim to produce the best quality product at an affordable price so you can relive this special day year after year. We work with you from the day of hire until the last edit to give your wedding days its own unique feel that will last a lifetime. 

Below please find general packages. We understand that every wedding is unique. We are happy to explore other options with you based on your needs and expectations. All packages are easily customizable to fit your budgetary needs or to add services such as Photography, Drone capture, and more!

**All packages comes with the full video and cinematic trailer on a DVD/BluRay or USB Flash Drive. Raw footage can be purchased at an additional cost of $350.00.**

SAPPHIRE VIDEO PACKAGE (Up to 6 Hours) - $2,150.00
Two videographers are with you to capture the entire wedding ceremony up to the first dance at the reception!   
  • Two videographers with you for up to 6 hours. This only includes wedding ceremony and reception capture. This package does not include getting ready prior to the ceremony. 

  • 2x Cinema Quality Cameras (3 recording during the ceremony)

  • Lights, Tripods, Sound Recording

  • Video downloadable via link online

  • Cinematic recapturing of your wedding (3 - 5 minutes)

DIAMOND VIDEO PACKAGE (Up to 10 hours) - $2500.00
This is our PREMIERE package! Capturing your wedding day in full, from the hotel to the ceremony, not one moment will be missed! Our couples love this package not simply because of our coverage, but our attention to the small details. The smiles from the bride, the way the groom stares as his wife to be walks down the aisle, to the cinematic rendition of their special day-this package gives couples an amazing recapturing of their wedding day in top, high quality fashion.
  • Two videographers with you for up to 10 hours (3 cameras for the ceremony). This includes the bride and groom getting ready, any special events prior to the ceremony, etc...

  • 2x Cinema Quality Cameras (3 recording during the ceremony)

  • Lights, Tripods, stabilization, Sound Recording

  • We will meet the Bride and Groom at each hotel location

  • Toasts and Interviews (speeches recorded exclusively)

  • video downloadable via link online

  • Cinematic recapturing of your wedding (7 - 10 minutes)

ONYX VIDEO PACKAGE - 4K  (Up to 12 hours) - $3500.00

Our DREAM Package gets you EVERYTHING! This option is the perfect package for outdoor and destination weddings. We add in up to four (4) hours of Drone footage. Our three-person crew is positioned to capture every moment of your special day in HIGH QUALITY 4K with clear audio, up to 12 hours of footage, including interviews with the bride and groom, members of the bridal party, and others! From the morning breakfast, arriving at the venue, to the last dance at the reception: not one moment will be missed! **BONUS** If you have any pre planned events, such as brunch the day before, a gathering, the wedding rehearsal, etc., that you’d like captured, we throw in a free credit for us to capture the event. Additional events can be captured at an additional cost.

  • Team of videographers with you for up to 12 hours.

  • Capturing amazing 4k footage -- 3x cinema quality cameras (4 recording during wedding) with Canon & Sigma Art lenses. 

  • Drone Operator

  • Lights, Tripods, stabilization, Sound Recording

  • Toasts and Interviews (Speeches and personal wished recorded exclusively)

  • Downloadable video via link online and a USB flash drive. 

  • All permissions granted to you

  • Online trailer highlights within one week

  • 12+ minutes final video edit plus 1-3 minute trailer video. 

  • Our attendance to one event (such as brunch, wedding rehearsal, etc.,) for FREE

DIGITAL ALBUM - Basic starting at $250.00

Want a different way to show your story to loved ones? Featuring our Digital Album. Upon purchase, not only will we send out all edited videos via Digital link, we will also send this to you! All you have to do it open it, and your videos play immediately! Perfect for those who'd rather not deal with downloading videos or finding links online! Our basic model has the words, "Our Wedding" written on the cover with your videos inside.

- 1 for $250
- 2 for $300 (parent pack)
- 4 for $450 (grandparent pack)
- 10 for $1,050 (family pack)

DIGITAL ALBUM - Personalized starting at $350.00

Want more personalized branding? Let us know! At an additional cost we can have your names on the cover and any picture you like.


- 1 for $350
- 2 for $425 (parent pack)
- 4 for $650 (grandparent pack)
- 10 for $1,550 (family pack)

**Feel free to mix & match/customize your order!**

Contact us for more information!


    Phone: 301-873-4587

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina but we travel Nationwide! Would love to do a destination wedding!



Don't forget to ask about our DRONE photography and 4K cinema packages! Get more, for less!

Photography packages are also available. Please contact us for details. 

We also offer DJ services.

Let us capture your wedding.

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