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Invest In Your Vision

Premier Documentary Package starting at $2,500

Embrace the Power of Your Story with Our Comprehensive Documentary Package

At Nova Initia Productions, we understand the importance of telling your story in the most impactful way. Our Premier Documentary Package is designed to offer you exceptional value, bringing your narrative to life through a blend of detailed storytelling, artistic visuals, and professional production.

What's Included in the Package:

  • Full-Length Documentary (20-25 minutes): A comprehensive and engaging documentary that captures the essence of your story. Perfect for in-depth exploration of your journey, values, and impact.

  • Short Version (3-5 minutes): A concise, impactful version of your documentary, ideal for sharing on social media, websites, and presentations to quickly engage your audience.

  • One Day of Filming: Our professional crew will spend a full day filming, including conducting interviews and capturing dynamic B-roll footage to enrich your story. Drone capture will be included where possible to add a cinematic dimension to your video.

  • 45-Day Completion: From the initial shooting day, your final video will be delivered within 45 days, ensuring a timely and efficient production process.

Please Note:

  • Travel Costs: The package price does not include travel costs for locations outside our base area. These will be calculated separately based on your specific requirements.

  • Additional Filming Days: While we aim to capture your story comprehensively in a single day of filming, any requirements for multiple days of filming will incur additional costs.

  • Add-Ons: If you wish to enhance your documentary with additional services (such as extra interviews, special location shoots, advanced motion graphics, etc.), these can be included for an additional fee.

Invest in Your Story Today:

Your story deserves to be told with care, professionalism, and creativity. Our Premier Documentary Package at Nova Initia Productions offers you the opportunity to share your journey with a wider audience, creating a lasting impression and a new beginning.

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