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Andrew Smith is the owner and Creative Director of Nova Initia Productions.
Nova Inita Productions Alt Logo

Nova Initia Productions (N.I.) is a young, motivated Wedding Videography Company located in Charlotte, NC (we travel Nationwide).  Nova Initia is a Latin phrase, which means, "New Beginnings". This is exactly where you are in your Journey with your partner, and we want to help capture one of the most memorable days of your life!

Here, we strive to create new memories that you will not only love but will cherish forever! We pride ourselves in using high quality equipment with a dedicated team to capture your day from start to finish. Our team consists of Audio techs, Editors, and Cinematographers with over 20 years of combined experience in the business, promising the best quality when creating your wedding videos. Each couple is different, and this is what makes our videos so unique. We find out what your stories are and mold them into a cinematic masterpiece from beginning to end, leaving your family and friends fascinated by your special day. Expect your guests to enjoy a FUN experience unique to your own desires.


Andrew Smith - Founder & Editor

Andrew Smith - Videograher
Andrew Smith - Videograher

The Founder and creative visionary behind the Nova Initia concept is Andrew Smith, who serves under the job title of Creative Director.  Mr. Smith’s interest in the visual arts traces all the way back to his early childhood - with his mother constantly pushing him towards his dream of gracing the silver screen.  He would initially set out on a path towards being an actor, attending the renowned John Robert Powers acting school as a teenager.  Mr. Smith then made the transition to behind the camera - where he would discover his true passion for filmmaking and film theory. 


This would culminate in him earning a B.A. in Visual & Performing Arts from Johnson C. Smith University in 2015, with a concentration in film. Mr. Smith would eventually round out his skill set by developing proficiency in post-production editing.  He now possesses an impressive versatility within the filmmaking field; and, having worked in the industry since 2011, is the ideal person to lead our team.  His responsibilities with Nova Initia include steering day-to-day operations, editing, financial management, and creative leadership.  He loves writing short stories, poetry, music, and more in his free time, and enjoys giving back to his native Maryland community in any way he can. 

James M. Holmes - Cinematographer

Mr. Holmes has served in Director of Photography and other similar roles in the industry for over a decade now.  His formal education came from the Art Institute of North Carolina, where he earned his AAS degree in 2014.  A Salisbury, North Carolina native, Mr. Holmes first discovered his love for filmmaking while working for a church - which would later evolve into more of a niche focus on cinematography.  His cinematographic proficiencies span all the way from the technical end to the artistic, infused with a unique perspective he earned while spending years working abroad.  For Nova Initia, he’s tasked with crafting a unique project vision for clients that will help them stand out from the rest.

James M. Holmes - Charotte, NC Videograher and Photographer

Esmeralda James - Audio Technician

Audio Engineer

Originally hailing from Barcelona, Venezuela, Mrs. James came to the US back in 1993 and brought with her an undying passion for film, writing, and photography.  She has been working as a production sound mixer and boom operator since 2013 while also finding time to write scripts and an upcoming book.  She’s written many short films throughout her career, and even directed some of them - while holding steady positions in production sound mixing and boom operation since 2013.  When not heading up the audio aspects of Nova Initia projects, she loves spending time with her daughter, Xiomara.

Dr. Cindy Kistenberg - Editor

Cindy Kistenberg

After receiving a B.A. and M.A. in Communication from the University of North Carolina, Dr. Kistenberg would go on to earn a Ph.D. from Louisiana State University.  She has worked as an Associate Professor of Communication for the Department of Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts at Johnson C. Smith University for the past 13 years, while also serving on editorial boards of several regional and national journals.  Her book, AIDS, Social Change, and Theatre: Performance as Protest, earned a Choice Magazine Outstanding Book Award.  She has influenced key editing decisions for several websites, books, and articles, and does the same for Nova Initia Productions.

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